Ted Cruz Makes HORRIFYING Mistake That Has Everyone In Shock


Texas Sen. Cruz – “Mr. Conservative” took a bit of heat – steamy, sultry heat – when his Twitter account was caught “liking” a pornographic film.

Perhaps it was by accident, but Cruz apparently “liked” a clip posted by the account “@SexuallPosts” (Warning: extremely graphic) that features a woman who vaguely resembles Cruz’s wife, Heidi.

In the clip, the blonde watches as two naked people have some pretty graphic sex on a couch.


Cruz “unliked” the video an hour later, but of course, the Internet is forever. Here’s a screengrab from the New York Post:

The Twitter account enthusiastically used the so-called endorsement of one of America’s most powerful lawmakers to their full advantage, tweeting their “thanks.”

In their “info,” they even included the so-called “Endorsement.” “Follow for the Same Porn @TedCruz Watches,” they wrote.

The two-minute video features woman who comes home to find a couple has broken into her house and are having sex on her couch. Rather than reacting in any number of ways a person who discovers naked home invaders might react, she proceeds to masturbate while watching the couple.

Here’s a close-up of the image of the woman who they claim looks like Heidi Cruz:


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And here’s an image of the Texas Republican’s wife:

Well, they’re both blonde, we suppose. But liking the tweet? What was he thinking?

The Post called Cruz’s office for a comment but – shocker – their calls weren’t returned.

Of course, Twitter immediately exploded. Cruz is one of the top trends in the United States as of Tuesday morning.

For the record, it’s not in Cruz’s character – publicly at least – to be a fan of pornography. As solicitor general of Texas, Cruz once defended a ban on dildos, famously writing that “there is no substantitive-due-process right to stimulate one’s genitals.”

Of course, a politician “subtweeting,” or liking a controversial tweet is not new. President Trump has taken heat for “liking” tweets from avowed neo-Nazis and First Lady Melania Trump once “liked” a tweet that claimed Trump hated her.

Former President Barack Obama is famous for his “re-tweeting” or “subtweeting.” He particularly appreciates subtweeting Black Lives Matter and other organizations determined to undermine the American system.

While Cruz’s “like” was probably an accident, it makes one wonder how careful – or careless – people can be with their Twitter feed.

H/T: The Federalist Papers

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