Libs Prayed for Trump's Resort to Be Destroyed…Look What Really Happened


The left sure is a tolerant bunch. In their quest to “coexist” and be as caring as possible, countless liberals used social media to hope — and even pray — that Hurricane Irma would wipe out Donald Trump’s resort in Florida.

It looks like the storm had other plans, and now Trump is the one having the last laugh.

Prior to Irma making landfall, some users on Twitter joked about the dangerous hurricane hitting the Mar-a-Lago resort, a famous Trump property that has been dubbed “the Winter White House.”

“Dear God: is there any chance you could send Hurricane Irma just to Mar-a-Lago and leave the rest of the world alone?” posted one compassionate liberal, apparently not caring that the resort employs dozens of people.

“Well now it is official God hates @realDonaldTrump as he is sending Irma to Florida to wipe out MaraLago. If Congress won’t God will,” posted another. Isn’t it amazing how the left suddenly becomes religious when it means spitefully wishing for destruction?

Even a Twitter profile claiming to be the “Official Twitter Account of God” — a dubious claim, since everyone knows God uses MySpace — got in on the action.

Unfortunately for the haters, not one but two Trump resorts have survived Hurricane Irma with barely a scratch.

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“President Donald Trump’s winter White House [Mar-a-Lago] appears to have come through the outer bands of Hurricane Irma without major wind damage,” reported the Palm Beach Daily News.

“Palm Beach officials confirmed that they had received no reports of structural damage at the landmarked mansion-turned-private club,” continued the newspaper.

Another Trump property in the Caribbean was left mostly unharmed, while many other buildings nearby were heavily damaged.

“President Trump’s $17 million ‘chateau’ on the Caribbean island of St. Martin survived Hurricane Irma nearly unscathed, unlike the rest of the French/Dutch island — and in contrast to the fate suffered by other celebrities’ properties in the path of the monster storm still raging in Florida,” stated USA Today.

The national newspaper explained that a shocking 95 percent of St. Martin was destroyed when the hurricane passed overhead — but Trump’s resort home was spared.

It’s a bit sacrilegious to believe that storms — or God — would pick favorites based on politics.

In light of the long list of liberals who claimed that the president was being punished by the almighty, however, it’s ironic and hilarious that Trump’s properties seemed to have been almost supernaturally spared.

Thankfully, the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma was nowhere near the worst predictions. That’s a great thing for Florida… and for America and its president, as well.

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