Las Vegas shooting – Moment defiant concert goer gives Mandalay Bay gun maniac the finger as bullets rain down around him


A DEFIANT music fan flips the bird at the Mandalay Bay gunman as a hail of bullets is fired on the audience around him.

Clutching a can of beer, the unnamed man can be seen standing up searching for the source of the gunfire – while everyone else takes cover.

The finger is flipped at the gunman who was holed up in the hotel opposite

The gunman killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more when he opened fire on a country music concert in Vegas on Sunday in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

In extraordinary footage the concert goer can be seen peering up at the Mandalay Bay hotel amid screams of terror.

The reveller takes a swig from his beer as he tries to scope out the attacker

The crack of automatic fire can be heard but because of the echo it is unclear where it is coming from, leading to confusion about where to safely run.

Meanwhile as the man continues to stand up and look for the shooter another person begs him to “get the f*** down”.

The brave concert-goer does not heed the advice and continues to scan the area.

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But once he appears to locate the gunman he flips his middle finger in his direction.

And only after this defiant gesture does he finally take cover.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told a news conference in the Nevada gambling hub: “We believe the individual killed himself prior to our entry.”

At least ten rifles were recovered from the room that had been rented by the 64-year-old.

Concert-goers screamed and fled in panic as a steady stream of automatic gunfire rang out at the venue shortly after 10pm local time (5am GMT Monday), footage captured on smartphones showed.

Lombardo told reporters that initial estimates had put the number of dead “at in excess of 50 individuals” while more than 200 had been injured.

In a later statement, police put the number of dead at 58 and said the number of people taken to hospital at about 515, although it was not immediately clear if that figure included anyone who was later pronounced dead.

Police said Paddock, who lived in a town around 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, had opened fire on the crowds below from the upper reaches of the giant hotel located on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

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