California Judge Upholds Liberal Agenda, Christian Churches MUST Pay For Them –


California lawmakers have begun to cross the line between church and state by forcing churches to abide by private sector healthcare standards. It has been in motion for years now as the corrupt and liberal state government of California has been trying to force churches to abide by the rules of the state. Now a state judge has ordered that three churches in the state must pay to cover their employees abortions, a new requirement passed under Obama’s administration. The three churches tried to argue their case but the judge would not hear and ordered that they must provide payment for abortions.

These are Christian churches told by the state that they must not only provide health insurance for their employees, most already did, but by requiring it, it added stress to already tight budgets, but they must also cover abortions. Christians are some of the most anti-abortion and pro-life people there are and to make them pay for abortions is downright insulting and degrading. This would be the the rough equivalent to forcing high end liberal and urban universities to have mandatory gun training courses and mandatory donations to the National Rifle Association.

The decline of Christianity in the United States is a clear sign of the vanishing morals found within Americans across the country.

One of the most troubling things about this story is that there is an ever shrinking separation between the state and Christian churches. Christian churches were once the only churches in America and the origin of our nation consisted of forming rules that would prevent the clashing of church and state.

Now it seems that the only churches that do get regulated, inspected, and even investigated are Christian churches, despite clear the clear threats to liberty and freedom that Mosques represent. It seems that it is more important for liberals to degrade and ultimately discredit Christianity by any means necessary while promoting and encouraging Islam to take hold.

Lawmakers in the United States have begun to reveal their inability to perform their positions. Instead of tackling the growing threat that Islam represents to the West and noticing the way that a political ideology masques itself behind a religion to thwart the host nation’s laws, lawmakers would rather force churches to pay for abortions.

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Instead of banning female genital mutilation, enforcing capital punishment for crimes against children, or even simply trying to prevent a religious bodies laws from usurping our Constitution, lawmakers find that it is more important to force churches to jump through bureaucratic hoops because they hate Christianity.

Islam hides behind a religion but in reality the religious aspect is just a way to ensure that their actions can be carried out in Western nations. Islam is a political ideology consisting of dominance over others

Political Islam is in the rise in the West as group after group and organization after organization receive international and domestic funding to promote their message that Sharia must be dominant everywhere. Mosques are key areas of concern because Imams can use their influence and power to not only influence political figures and organizations but also radicalize and connect refugees with terrorist elements in the country.

It would not surprise me to find out if political Islam was at the root of these attacks against the church as their growing power and influence could lead to influence over state lawmakers that would make it harder for Christians to flourish. Does this rule requiring religious institutions to pay for abortions apply to Mosques as well?

The decline of Christian morals in the nation has been clear for sometime. The state and federal government has done a good job of going around our basic laws and enforcing their laws onto churches by demanding they pay for health insurance and now even requiring they pay for abortions. By doing this, the state has essentially declared open war against Christian churches in an attempt to discredit and humiliate them, all while ignoring the open threats that other more religious institutions represents.

The Faces of Political Islam in the United States, on the left there's Muslim Keith Ellison and on the right Muslim Andre Carson

The pressure from coordinated efforts from the state and private sectors against churches means that legal funds and other expenses are eventually going to make it too expensive to open a church, at least one that goes against the liberal narrative in which gender is a spectrum, abortions are good, and anything less than anarchic borders is a form of National Socialism.

Mosques are free to connect terrorists with resources and refugees with welfare programs while also advocating for Sharia law but the churches who challenge the authority of the state and refuse to pay for abortions are breaking the law.

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